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Fatso mouse amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Dear friends, hello everyone. I hope you have a good day today. Today I am sharing an amigurumi pattern that is very easy to make. Our amigurumi today is a great amigurumi free pattern. I want to explain the amigurum directly without expanding the subject too much.
As friends can see from the pictures, it’s a pretty little amigurumi. I don’t know the exact size when I started writing, but its size is 10-15cm. The manufacturer of Amigurum dyed the design with different colors and different yarn patterns.
I think the best amigurumi for kids is yellow. Others also look beautiful, but I don’t recommend it for small children. Because children often put such small toys in their mouths. Hair can get into your child’s mouth.
None of us want this. If you do for your baby, I can’t say I highly recommend hairy. You can use a simpler rope.

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Mish cow amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hi everyone, guys. I made a very good model for you today. First of all, many thanks to the designer @ziyan_tyos. You can follow the Instagram profile of the woman made by the design and benefit from the shares. Because she is a very talented woman.
FRIENDS this beautiful amigurumi cow pattern is completely free. Once you have knitted, you will have an amigurumi measuring 17 cm. So it’s a pretty big cow amigurumi model. I have never seen a plush cow amigurumi recipe before. Actually, the size of this amigurum fits this.
If anyone wants to knit this way, I would be very happy if he shares his picture with me. I really wonder. Maybe a little difficulty making the horn. Because it is a very fine detail. Nevertheless, if you stop knitting this way, I would be very happy if you share the picture with me.

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Plush Bunny amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Guys, first of all, hello everyone. Dear friends, how are you today? Today I will give you a very cute bunny crochet pattern. I hope you like it. It is very good that this kind of sharing has increased recently.
I usually like to share plush amigurumi patterns. You can already see this in my posts. Gorgeous crochet amigurumi in this plush bunny. We love all bunnies so much in our children

Olga Gayevskaya’s free workshop and Elena Budnikova’s change from knitting a plush rabbit to a dress.
The height of the crocheted toy is about 33 cm. Himalayan Dolphin Baby yarn and a suitably sized hook made such a big bunny. From the description of the system, you will also learn how to knit a dress with plush yarn for our bunnies.

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Mimi Teddy Bear amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hey friends. I will continue to follow various amigurumi messages as much as possible. The name of this cute amigurum is Mimi! When I first saw it, I thought it looked like a fox, and when I read the description, I realized it had a nice teddy bear pattern.
In fact, the main reason we think of it as a fox is the color and nose of the amigurum. The fact that its color is orange is reminiscent of the fox amigurum. Many thanks to @katerina_gapeeva for sharing this cute amigurumi pattern for free. I will share the details below.
You can also save the pattern to your computer. If you add our site to your favorites, you are aware of our shares.

Yekaterina Gapeeva’s free workshop on chanterelle knitting – the character of the children’s cartoon “Mi-mi-Teddy Bears”. The height of the crocheted toy is about 20 cm. To make such a fox, the author used Alize Cotton Gold yarn and a 1.9 mm hook. The knitted fox of the Mimimishki cartoon is sure to appeal to your child!

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Rainbow Cat free amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hey friends. First of all, welcome. The cat amigurumi model I am currently sharing is commonly referred to as the murzik cat. I mean, this is a rainbow cat. Because we knit for our child this way :). I definitely recommend trying it.
I have previously shared a similar amigurumi bunny suit. You can also watch it. You can find it on the Bunny tab in the Categories section. If we come to this cute cat, I have a cartoon I don’t remember its name.
It looks incredibly similar to a very naughty cat. The cat in my cartoon was very naughty, but we all know that cats are very cute animals. They are very learning and love to sleep. The only thing I didn’t like about the recipe was eyebrows. It could be done a little differently.
Adjacent eyes created another look. It’s pretty nice to rope your nose. What I like most is that it is made in different colors. I wish you good luck in making this amigurumi. I hope the fine pattern comes out when you’re done.

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Lovely bear amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Dear friends, welcome to my blog. Today I share a pretty cute amigurumi teddy bear pattern. Many thanks to the designer @ venesuela13. She knits several different colors as an example. Like brown or white?
I can say that I like white more. It looks very cute because the yarn used is different. Of course, it’s not easy to build an amigurumi teddy bear. I know it’s hard to make layered models. But once you’ve knitted, it’s a beautiful teddy bear.
I liked the ears and eye area the most in this amigurumi teddy bear. I think it adds a very realistic atmosphere. Usually this teddy bear has a very different structure. It is not an ordinary model. I think you need some time to make this model.
Even the details of his toes have been taken into account. The feeling of the rope feather is also very cute. makes it look like a real teddy bear. I am very glad if you share your photos with me, when your friends have stopped knitting amigurumi.

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Santa Claus amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Welcome to my Friends blog. Want to knit Santa Claus? You have come to the right address :). Thanks to the valuable @natalkiny_tsatsk for this wonderful design. You can follow his Instagram address.
As I share this model, we are still in mid-July. There is still a lot of Christmas time. However, you can start knitting in the last days of August or September. You finish it early and it’s a nice gift on time.
Maybe you can use it to decorate a Christmas tree. Finding such amigurumi is difficult. Because amigurum is not made for special occasions. Some kids love Santa very much. So I think it’s a nice gift.
I really liked the details of the amigurum. Especially the redness of their echoes. His beard looks so cute. Made in different colors. You can view other images by switching between pages.
You will find all the necessary materials in the pattern section. Congratulations to all of you.

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Easy Plush cat amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Dear friends, hello everyone. I hope you have a good day today. Because you are on your lucky day. I share this cute plush amigurumi cat pattern that is very easy to describe.
Thanks a lot @deynega_yuly before you start writing. He is a very talented designer. You can track social media accounts. If we come to our cat, I really like it. I really like the plush amigurumi model. Also, if it’s such a beautiful model, it becomes even cuter.
I do not know how many cat pattern I have shared so far, but I can say that this is one of the sweetest. One of my favorite things in the picture is the mustache in particular. I think it is very compatible. It looks very realistic in its small ears.
Finding recipes like this is a really tough friend. My only request from you will be very happy if you share the pictures with me after completing the knitting process. I am very happy that I made the messages are working.

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Easy Teddy bear amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello dear friends. Welcome to my blog. Today I will share with you a very nice free amigurumi teddy bear pattern. Many thanks to @androsova_toys who designed and shared this amigurumi pattern in the past.
You can take advantage of sharing them by following your Instagram address. Friends, although our current model is quite difficult, it is a very easy model. It’s not a model I can recommend for beginners. Beginners can try easier models.
However, it is a model that an expert can easily make. As we all know, amigurumi bears are very popular. Especially such models. Its structure has already been mentioned step by step in the figure section. There is not much to say about its preparation.
I want to talk more about the form of amigurumi. First, once you’ve completed the amigurum, you can knit a beanie or scarf as shown. It looks very cute. If you plan to use different colors, make sure they are compatible with the colors of your feet and ears.
It looks ugly without color matching. A different material was used for the eyes and ears. You can use the same. It is explained in detail in the recipe section. Congratulations to all of you.

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