The most beautiful Amigurumi Patterns of this year

Easy little bunny amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello dear friends. This cute easy bunny was our part in our amigurumi story today. I have previously shared oksajalkaiset amigurumi knitted toy bunny models. But this easy bunny was my favorite.
As for the example, I really liked this pattern of amigurumi. It is a very colorful and cute model. It may be a little small. This reduces the workload. But I really don’t recommend small models for beginners.
Below is a detailed structure of an amigurumi-knitted doll bunny game. Let’s look at making our amigurumi pattern together.
Congratulations to all of you. Don’t forget to share the pictures with me after you’ve completed the amygur.

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Amigurumi bunny Crochet Pattern

Friends, we continue where we left our adorable amigurumi bunny series. You can see today’s model in the pictures. First of all, many thanks to the designer @korzina_katerina. he has a very nice share. He also has very nice posts on his Instagram page. You can follow.
Friends I know, bunny amigurum is in high demand. I try to share bunny designs as much as I can. As you know, all of these models are free. Of course I don’t do these. We share designers who want to share, and we organize and gather them in one place. Reach more people.
In this way, the art of amigurum develops. This bunny game model is similar to the highly coveted model. A soft rope is generally preferred in Amigurum rabbit models. When completed, it becomes a plush amigurumi. You can view the posts I made earlier. This model is a little different.
So that I could have an idea for you, I shared pictures of knitted patterns in different shapes and colors. You can also see other photos by switching between Safyos. I hope you like it. I love you all friends.

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Soft pink amigurumi bear Crochet Pattern

Hi everyone, guys. Today I will give you a very cute teddy bear amigurumi pattern. I hope you like it. First of all, I want to thank @vse_swyazano who designed this wonderful amigurumi. Friends are a very beautiful teddy bear made of soft yarn.
I like it personally. Especially the pink color looks very cute. Yes, I know it’s a little small. But you can even use it as a home decor. My friend makes this little amigurumi. He uses them in the form of fridge decorations.
You can use it this way. You can even use it to decorate your child’s room. I think it’s easy to knit. Because it’s a pretty simple model. Amigurumi looks good if you make a good choice in the eyes of friends.
You don’t have to add anything extra. I think that’s pretty good. I tell you all to come easily. I would be happy if you share your photo with me after knitting amigurum.

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Blonde doll amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hey friends. I am again with you today. Today’s theme is a very beautiful doll with a free amigurumi pattern. I know you’re curiously expecting Amigurumi patterns. I usually like to share the animal amigurumi and it’s usually plush.
However, I don’t forget to randomly share dolls. Today I prepared this topic thanks @toy_byeva. Thank you very much here. I use an amigurumi photo with him in the pictures. However, I didn’t want to do that without permission.
he made this beautiful pattern. You can find quite a few amigurum patterns and pictures on your Instagram profile. Dolls especially love girls. And their big dolls. When completed, its size is about 35-40 cm.
Very detailed amigurumi. Too many colors are used and there are too many pieces. Even knitting a vest and hat looks pretty tricky. I really like your pants. Overall, a pretty cute amigurumi doll.
Her hair is also very beautifully designed. It gives a sleeping effect when the eyes are closed. A simple operation has been performed on his nose and mouth. I think that is enough. Even the laces on his shoes were thought of.

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Plush Teddy Bear amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hey friends. Today, I am with you a very nice teddy bear amigurumivapaalla pattern. All you need to knit this 35mm amigurum is a small thread and pattern.
I will share with you this model. First of all, thanks a lot for the design @budnikova_toys. I follow the Instagram page often. he has very nice shares. This teddy bear pattern is one of them.
The large size can scare you a little. Yes you are right. Making large amigurums is very difficult. The fact that it is plush makes construction easier. So I recommend you give it a try.
In addition, children like large amigurums more. Especially small children. As children grow, they begin to like smaller and more detailed amigurumi. It can be a very nice gift for your child with the effort you make on these hot summer days.
I would be happy if you share a picture with me when friends have completed the amigurum. If you allow me, I will share it on my blog and social media sites. Thank you all very much.

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Plush big floppy ears bunny amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Looking for a very cute bunny with giant ears and gorgeous eyes? Then you can knit this adorable plush amigurum that we shared with you for free.
Hi everyone, guys. I wanted to make another entry today. Personally, I know I shared a lot of bunny amigurumi. But I think it’s one of the finest. Don’t worry about the ingredients.
You will find all the necessary materials in the detailed section. First of all, thanks to @nastyakravchenko27 who designed this wonderful amigurumi. You can follow your Instagram address.
When you go to your Instagram account, thank you if you thank him for my place. There are beautiful amigurumi. Of course, I think one of the most beautiful is this bunny model. Of course you can knit it in different colors.

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Plush Chicken amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hey friends. Today I share a nice chicken amigurumi pattern. It is a very long pattern but very detailed. The fact that it is detailed is really good for beginners. Because even the smallest details of its production are common.
If we come to amigurumi, this is my first chicken amigurumi portion. Many thanks to @NATALKINY_TSATSKI for the design. We can follow him on Instagram.
A friend who did the design knitted two different colors. You can use different colors if you want. I think the plush makes amigurumi very cute. The shape of the amigurum is pretty cute anyway.
I like your eyes the most. The white part of the eye is a well thought out detail. In addition, the red eyebrows are markedly black in the red amigurum.
You can find other details in the recipe section. Thanks to the guy who did the planning for sharing this free recipe. I’m happy if you share with me amigurumi its completion.

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Ping soft bear amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Guys, first of all, hello everyone. Many thanks to @deynega_yuly for sharing this awesome teddy bear amigurumi pattern for free. He is a very talented designer. You can follow the Instagram page. You can benefit from the shares it makes.
Because I can’t follow all the time. I will continue as many different amigurumi patterns as possible for you. I don’t want to repeat the same things. This teddy bear-amigurumi pattern has a pretty beautiful pattern knitted. She has designed and knitted. A beautiful design has been born.
In these designs, which are made in pink and brown, the character looks pretty cute. It is good that there are no details in the hands and feet. But it can make the dress a little messy. So if you do it in a hurry, you are not making a mistake.
It can be a nice choice for beginners. I hope you like this free teddy bear amigurumi pattern. I would be very happy if you share a picture with me after this amigurum is completed.

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Plush cat amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hey friends. I noticed that I haven’t shared a cat’s amigurum in a long time. Today I found a nice free amigurumi-plush pattern to make a difference. Cats are very sweet friends for our children.
Many of us have these cute animals at home. Amigurumi looks more like cartoon characters than real animals. I know it. But the kids like it. Some children may also be afraid when they look like real animals.
None of us want this. I recommend using one color by knitting amigurumi. But I have even seen it in the past in the form of a rainbow. I have previously shared with bunny crochet amigurumi pattern. You can use any color you want.
Since it’s already a plush amigurumi, all sorts look beautiful. I recommend using such yarns when knitting amigurum. It is both soft and useful. I will continue this kind of sharing for you.

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Lovely duck amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hi everyone, guys. Today I will share with you the first duck amigurumi pattern. I’m excited about this. In fact, there are not many duck-amigurumi patterns. I haven’t encountered a good looking amigurumi. After doing a more detailed search, I will continue to share the duck pattern with you.
If you would like to share your designs through me as well, you can contact me through the communications section. I don’t know Do you like Amigurum duck patterns. But when you see this painting was completed amigurumi, I’m sure you liked it very much as I do. The details can make the subject a little messy.
However, when you graduate, you will have a very beautiful duck. I definitely recommend trying it. If you’re someone who is constantly knitting amigurum, you should definitely try this duck pattern. You can download the template in pdf format.
If we go into the details of Amigurum.

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