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Teddy bear in pajamas amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Welcome to my blog. I know you want to make a teddy bear amigurumi. You are very ready to do this, but take your time. I suggest you study my topics first. You can find different patterns of amigurumi. Now let’s move on to our topic today.
A great teddy bear that can be created in different colors. I recommend cooking on a soft rope. You can also make it prettier by using vibrant colors.
I thank the designer Maria Osipova. He did a very successful job indeed. Bears look a little chubby, right? I really liked this way of serving. Your child will be able to easily hold it in their lap. This is already a lightweight product.
Soft ropes are very light, however large they are. Maria Osipova, who developed the amigurumi, offers us the “Baby Himalayan Dolphin” in the form of a rope. You will also need a 4.5 to 5mm hook when cooking the almonds.

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Orange amigurumi cat Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. Today I will share with you a brand new amigurumi cat pattern. As you know, I love cheerleaders made with soft yarns. That is why I pay more attention to the distribution of such amigurumis.
This amigurumi cat is also a beautiful amigurumi made from soft yarn. Many thanks to the designer Anna Skvortsova. You have a great profile on You can contact yourself at this address. (
Now I want to talk about the details of the amigurumi. Mostly amigurumi is made from soft yarn. However, the sweater on him was made from a harder yarn. However, clothes are sewn from such ropes.
I think it was very compatible. Plus, the buttons on the sweater are really pretty. Although beads are used in the eyes, there is a lot of work on the nose. Of course, there is such an event.
The more you work, the better the amygdala will form. I really like amigurumi, I hope you like it.

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Awesome bear amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Friends, hello everyone. How are you today? Today I will share with you this cute amigurumi pattern that you saw in the picture. I would like to thank Kamilia Petakova, who designed and owned the photographs. She’s a really good designer.
You can easily verify this from the drawings she made. You can also visit the Instagram page of @ toffi_toys. He prepared a very cute bear pattern and shared it. We publish on our website. Usually a model is used in two different colors.
I think the real detail is in his ears. Because it is very difficult to design so harmoniously. Of course, different designs can be made from soft rope. However, white is one of the irreplaceable colors. A fairly thick thread is used. Very soft design.
I don’t know what you think, but this is a model that kids will really love. In this model, eye detailing is pretty straightforward. However, the white part of the eye is detailed. You can see this in the pictures.
The threads used to create the minduri are Himalaya Dolphin Baby, YarnArt Alize Softy. Once completed, its size is quite large. Its size is exactly 18 cm. As I said a little earlier, beads are used for the eyes. Hooks 4-4.5 mm are used.

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Crochet teddy bear in pajamas Crochet Pattern

I wish you all a good day. Welcome to my blog. On my blog where I share new amigurumi patterns every day, today I will share another teddy bear pattern.
First of all, I want to thank Tatiana Medintseva, who created the design. She is a very talented amigurumi designer. This is a completely different model. You can tell the difference from the rabbits on their paws.
I think the first thing that catches your eye is the rabbits on their paws. Looks like she’s wearing slippers. How cute. There are beads in her eyes, but the material of the nose looks pretty good. How to put on a hat after knitting is also in your hands.
These toys can be used on special occasions. Especially at Christmas. This model can be beautifully decorated with green, red and white colors. I do not recommend using white in a jumpsuit when making this toy.
Since your child is constantly contaminating the environment, you may need to wash him very often. As you can see in the photographs, the yarn of his hat and torso is different. I suggest you pay attention to this. You cook it with a 4mm crochet hook.

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Easter bunny amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello. I wish you all a good day. How are you guys doing today? Today I have prepared a very cute amigurumi pattern for you, I hope you like it. First of all, I will share with you a very cute and very different rabbit model.
First of all, I want to note that amigurumi is really an art. You can understand that this is art from the created characters. You will not find so many creators in any toy model. Also, you cannot find that many characters.
Editing a character, figuring out how to do it, and achieving it is a very difficult process. For this reason, we would like to thank friends who have shared their examples. Our friend @toys_by_ketti, who prepared this character. She is really an artist.
She did a great job. This amigurumi, which is made from soft yarn, usually comes in one color. Although it sounds very simple, it is a very cute character. This is very easy to do.
The details on the face give the minduri a simple look. The yarn used to make amigurumi is called Himalaya Dolphin Baby yarn. Also, as usual, a 4mm hook is used here. Plus the size is not as small as it seems. The character is about 13 cm in size.

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Deer christmas amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Great Christmas deer. Maybe it’s still early for Christmas, but now you are creating your arvis, I think this is a slightly different model. However, it contains exactly Christmas colors. Green, red, white.
Pretty cute amigurumi model. This can be a great New Year’s gift for your child or close friends. The person who created the colors of the rope in the details of the sample. Thanks to him.
By the way, an example is Ekaterina Ustinova. He is a very talented person. I suggest you follow your personal Instagram page. It is prepared with a small, stiff rope. I think 2mm hooks are used.
When making almonds, you can use different things instead of bow ties. For example, you can make a flower on the collar. You can also add green when creating the tonsils. This will add the amigurumi you made.

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Plush fox amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Dear friends. Today I will share with you an excellent amigurumi pattern. Very cute girl fox. A fairly large amigurumi made from a very soft thread. Look how cute you are in the pictures.
I will do it for my amigurumi child. I really like it. My daughter showed this picture, and she really liked it. A green dress, especially knitted with her body. It was very harmonious.
Can you see the bow tie on her head? How cute. It effectively gives it such a beautiful look using very distinctive colors. The quality of the yarn is really important. If you don’t make it with quality thread, it will go bad the first time you wash it.
It is either discolored or has a poor appearance. Our friend who gave the example has already raised these issues. He also gave the necessary advice on yarn. Many thanks to our friend Olga Askarova, who set an example.

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Teddy bear amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Welcome to my blog. Today I have a little surprise for you. I’m going to share a pretty cute amigurumi pattern with a teddy bear. You will love this little amigurumi.
Tatyana Kostochenkova cooked this amigurumi, cooked on a very thin hook. Many thanks. If we come to amigurumi, you will see that color harmony is very important.
You can also use different things instead of a pub. When creating eyes, you can use different materials instead of beads. It is very important to use different colors for the legs and nose. Don’t forget to paint your cheeks.
A friend of the model offered Yarnart Jeans yarn as yarn. You also need to use 2mm hooks as hooks. Because this amigurumi is pretty small. Now I am sharing a sample with you.

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Plush mouse amigurumi Crochet Pattern

I am with you with the third amigurumi, which I will share with you. This time I will share a very cute little mouse. It is very easy to make this mouse pattern. If you are new to knitting amigurumi, I would definitely recommend you give it a try.
A very simple example of an amigurumi without details. Many thanks to our friend Asheperina_toys for creating and distributing this beautiful amigurumi mouse drawing.
I know I am sharing today amigurumi which is made with a lot of soft yarn. Children like stuffed toys more. Amigurumi creators now create amigurimis from softer yarns.
So do you like it? I would be glad if you share your comments with us.
In the manufacture of this amigurumi, 8 mm eyelets and a hook from 4 to 5 mm were used. You can choose the colors yourself in different ways. He already has one color. This way you can use any color you like.
It is recommended to use 2mm hooks for the nose. The nose should look thinner and more frequent. This will make a difference for newbies.

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Cute Hello Kitty amigurumi Crochet Pattern

I told you today that I will share three different amigurumi drawings with you. Yes friends. Many thanks to Marina Dovgan who created this wonderful character.
You can find many hello kitty amigurumi models when you use Google today. However, most of them remain quite patterned and are usually made of solid thread. I usually prefer soft rope.
Yes, it is difficult to clean, more durable, but if you know how to knit amigurumi, this will not be a problem for you. You can make a new or different model.
In this example, creating different color transitions may seem a little tricky, but very simple. In this example, our friend Marina Dovgan described her training in great detail. When making this sample, it is recommended to use 4mm hooks.
You prepared his mustache and eyes pretty easily. You can choose buttons of different colors and models as you like. When the Amigurumi is complete, I will be glad if you share the image with us.

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