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Stylish And FREE Crochet Beanie pattern images for beginners 2019

Well, I found out the other day that I made videos on crochet hats for beginners, so I thought it would be cool to put them all in one post so you can see which of my best choices is for you! I will put them in the order of the youngest, you can click on the photo to go to the post office with the written instructions, the material and the video tutorial.

Corks are the scourge of my existence. Okay, that may be a bit difficult, but you can not tell me that there is no learning curve when it comes to crochet and painting hats. There are countless models out there. We are talking about different sizes, different stitches, different threads, different hooks, different sizes (etc.), etc. We could go on for hours, but we want to talk about this new basic hat pattern that you can use just about any type of hat.

How to create a master bonnet pattern, ask yourself? Simply when you know when to stop growing and when to stop adding the length. We can use this method with a simple hook, half-sticks, chopsticks or any other crochet stitch or pattern. Knowing this, you can create a cap based on your personal tension, hook size and head size. Cool, no?

I had the idea of ​​a knitted look, but after thinking about it, I decided it was the ripped look that I was really looking for. After ribbing my last hat, I thought: why not make one with the same technique? And better yet, why not in the form of a plaque, instead of worrying about adjustments and decreases in size. Here is a super lightweight ribbed crochet hat that is a great project for beginners.

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