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New and Easy crochet baby hat pattern Images for 2019

I love to crochet baby hats and I would like to share with you my favorite free templates for beginners. I brought a simple and free crochet template, specially designed for beginners, to help you create a simple and cute hat. One of the techniques does not even need to know how to work in circles, but transforms a rectangle into a hat!

I like making simple hats. In addition to being fast, they are perfect for charity projects. There are a multitude of ways to make newborn hats. Hospitals use them in their OB departments (I still have the home caps that my hospital sons wore at home!). Or what about donations for orphanages? Last summer, I had the opportunity to deliver more than 300 newborn hats to orphanages in Bogota, Colombia (to learn more about my relationship with this wonderful country).

You’ll find original designs, either myself or designers that I admire, as well as patterns that I tested and tested myself.

I like the fact that these hats are so fast and easy to make. You can go wild with colors and styles and fine cuts to create the perfect hat.

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