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Fin de Siècle Mitts Crochet Pattern

These mittens are worked bottom up in reverse stockinette stitch and worked flat with a welt as the bottom edge. The body of each glove has a twist and slip detail (both traced and written) and are finished with a picot closure and stitched to finish! Today we will examine crochet patterns from a different angle. There are gorgeous free crochet patterns available especially for graceful hands? So what kind of hobby do you have about crochet patterns? I usually like patterns like amigurumi more. However, amigurumi is not as popular as other patterns for now. Other patterns are preferred a little more.

1 ball of Lana Grossa® “Capri” (164 yards / 150 m, 55% cotton, 30% polyamide, 15% silk) in color no. 12

Needles and notions:
US size 4 / 3.5mm circular or straight needles
2 markers, an upholstery needle and scissors

Finished measurements:
Length: 3.75 “/ 9.53cm
Palm circumference: 7 “/ 17.8cm

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Thornton Road Mitts Crochet Pattern

We designed our Thornton road gloves using a simple slip stitch pattern. Using slip stitches with a hand-dyed yarn can often produce wonderful results. Some hand-dyed yarns “mix” the colors according to the dyeing technique and the number of stitches. We don’t think you’ll find grouping with this yarn, but a slip stitch pattern is one to keep in a knitting pattern library!

Although there are a generous 250 yards on the skein, our model used around 135 yards, which makes it difficult to pull two pairs out of one skein. (The slip stitch pattern produces a slightly smaller gauge which requires a few more stitches in the pattern.) Another thing to keep in mind is that the superwash will tend to “loosen” with use and washing. If you are knitting these gloves for a smaller hand such as a very snug fit, you may want to reduce the needle size.

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Horizon Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern

This pattern is an easy 1-2 hour project.
There are video tutorials on my Instagram @littlegoldennook for contrast color bobble stitching.

Try using DK yarn and a 4mm hook for child’s size gloves!

Hooray this pattern is now also available in Italian
If you hit download it should come up as an option.

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Silmu Gloves Crochet Pattern

The model is intended for personal use only. However, if you are selling your already made creation, remember to mention the designer. The model is not intended for commercial use or for financial benefit purposes.

Ring gloves are part of my glove compartment challenge and their inspiration was Sulo. What could be sweeter than light lace gloves.

The lace pattern used in the gloves is called Chinese lace. The knobs were made on the gloved leading edge when creating.

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Emerald Isle Fingerless Mitts Crochet Pattern

Fingerless gloves can sometimes leave something to be desired, namely warmth!
Not these! Knitted Tunisian with voluminous yarn # 6, these are thick and comfy!
They work very fast and have the adorable look of the knit that we crochet hooks are often jealous of or try to replicate in some way.
Well, these are better than regular knitting because the nature of Tunisian crochet is that it creates a dense fabric.
Translation: HOT!
And you can still grab those important things like your keys, cell phone, steering wheel, or maybe even your crochet hook!

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Simple fair isle glovesCrochet Pattern

On size 8s, this basic fair isle design knits up quickly on dpns (or magic needles if you prefer).

This took less than half a skein of each color so plenty left for a hat!

Plymouth Homestead 1 yellow/1 blue.

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Calamondin Crochet Pattern

Calamondin features a traditional Norwegian star pattern and a simple peasant thumb. The colors of the sample gloves were inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s poem which begins “Kennst du das Land, wo die Zitronen blühn” / Know the land where lemons bloom.

Construction site requirements
110 m / 120 yard fingering yarn in main color
6m / 6.5 yards in contrast color 1
100m / 109 yard fingering yarn in contrast color 2

Measurements blocked
circumference 7.5 “/ 19 cm
length 9 “/ 23 cm

10 cm from the cuff to the base of the thumb
13 cm from the base of the thumb to the tip

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Nightfrost Crochet Pattern

The pattern starts with 68 stitches and increases to 80, if you knit loosely you need to knit with 2 mm knitting needles. I like to have many stitches to fit as many patterns as possible on my gloves.

There are two different insides to choose from, knit what you think looks best. The pattern is in Swedish and English and contains photo instructions.

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Perpetual Posts Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern

This wrist warmer / fingerless texting glove pattern is easy enough for a beginner, featuring predominantly the single crochet stitch with some post stitches thrown in as well.

Red Heart Unforgettable
Medium 4 weight (100% acrylic)
Color (Sunrise), 1 skein

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Ladybug fingerless gloves Crochet Pattern

Simple colorwork fingerless gloves with a ladybug pattern. The sample was double knit, but it would work with any sort of colorwork, and the pattern does not teach double knitting if you’ve never done it before.

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Mint Cable Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern

Will the knitted fingerless gloves keep you warm but still allow you to drive, text? smoking (like that) or doing other daily activities.

If you like knitted braids, this model is definitely for you. So don’t waste your time and knit this wonderful pair for yourself or your loved ones.

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No Chill Wrist Warmers Crochet Pattern

Cozy warm Wrist Warmers in this beautiful Chunky yarn by Lionbrand Hometown USA
Easily adjustable pattern for sizing

Uses less than one skein!
9MM hook

Color used is called Madison mustard

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Fair Isle gloves Crochet Pattern

Fair Isle gloves
These beautiful gloves knitted in Fair Isle style will keep your hands warm this winter. They are made with the lovely Forest yarn.

Durable Forest
48 % acrylic, 37 % merinowool & 18 % silk, 50g/187m
Color A: 4007 dark green: 1 or 2 skeins
Color B: 4000 light gray: 1 skein
Of each next color you need about 10-20g yarn:
Color C: 4005 Blue
Color D: 4003 Light beige
Color E: 4008 Ocher yellow
Color F: 4011 Rose red
Color G: 4004 Turquoise

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