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Favorite Free and Easy Great Look Crochet Bag Patterns for 2019

Bags are becoming an increasingly popular crochet accessory and a way to take your look to the next level. With so many different style options, there’s a bag or purse for every outfit and every occasion: a shoulder bag or sturdy backpack for work or school, a large and spacious shopping bag or the beach with your phone, keys and money. Of course, you can buy a bag or purse that fits your tastes and needs, but there is something to do if you work on your own. With so many models of crochet bags, you are sure to find the perfect bag.

Crochet handbags or crochet bags – here you will find all kinds of pocket options. My favorite, listed below, is the fall tote bag – a simple and roomy tote bag that features monochrome crochet grandmother squares, pre-purchased solid shoulder straps and a classy inner lining for durability. It’s so simple, but so classic and timeless. If it’s not your style, there are many other small and large crochet pockets that are worked in circles or squares of grandma. You can choose from this collection of 22 handbags crocheted from our friends at AllFreeCrochet.

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