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Easy And Glamour Free Crochet butterfly for Granny square New Skills

Crochet butterflies make awesome pins and applications for crochet projects. You can easily create a butterfly by forming a rolled circle, then folding it in half and using a chain to form the body of the butterfly. Then you can embellish your butterfly with antennas to make it even more realistic. Try to make a butterfly for yourself or for a friend.

With over 50 free crochet butterfly designs, it will never be boring again! For your crochet joy, we have an amazing collection of colorful butterflies that you can design and use in a creative and entertaining way! Colorful butterflies are the ideal complement to beautiful spring flowers. Use these free crochet patterns to create embellishments for your sweaters, hats, scarves, crocheted bikinis and more! Use crocheted butterflies as a pretty brooch to embellish your wardrobe or turn it into a dazzling necklace by tying a small ring or hook to your back and adding a necklace. It can also give a decorative touch to your real plants around your house. The possibilities are limitless!

After my last message, there was a slight floating color here in Attic when I was in a butterfly obsession. I often find that once I start with a decorative idea (the mandalas are a very good example), I am absolutely one hundred and ten percent with both feet. I spend hours, days, weeks looking online for inspiration and working on my own design ideas and color combinations until I can eliminate the obsession with my system for a while. Butterflies are my current, catchy passion and there is indeed a very good reason for what I am going to explain in something.

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