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Easy and beautiful FREE womens crochet hat pattern images for new season

This cute crochet herringbone hat features individual crochet stitches and alternates two colors to form the artwork and create a stunning chevron effect. Watch the video and learn to easily change color and read the chart. This article contains affiliate links, which means that I earn a small commission when you make a purchase. Thank you for your support!

I love the texture that can be created by combining different crochet stitches. My goal in designing this hat was to create a hat with a lot of texture and visual interest. It combines round pearls with round half-sticks and a ribbed edge. A fake fur pompom on the top ends the hat.

I fell in love with Colorscape wool in Paris and when I made the headscarf, I decided to bring a hat with this pattern of threads and dots. You will need a Colorscape Yarn ball for the hat and a ball for the scarf.

The hat I wore in the last 2 winters was damaged in the summer (Drew and his damn clay!). One of the things I knew I had to do before this winter was a new hat for me. It’s my new winter hat

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