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Water Lily Flower Crochet Pattern

A water lily flower pattern close to the real flower itself.
This lovely water lily is my personal design that I use for making my bookmarks and pendants in my shop.

The water lily flower is worked in the round starting from the center, using the front loops followed by the unworked back loops of the next round.

The pattern can be extended to make squares, cushions, blankets. It can also be used as a pendant for jewelry and as a bookmark by sewing a stem at the base.

The yarn used here is the famous crochet thread in the Philippines, Monaco mercerized cotton which is close to Aunt Lydia’s #10 crochet thread.

You can make this bigger by using a bigger thread/ yarn. Gauge is not really important for making this adorable embellishment, it can be easily adjusted for a wider range of sizes by using different sized yarns and hooks.

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Pointy Petal Flower Crochet Pattern

A fun little flower pattern (also looks a bit like a star!) This would make a cute coaster or could be used as an embellishment. I came up with the design to make a garland of flowers and stars…. 🙂 In particular, flower figures have recently started to be used as a decoration tool for amigurumi toys. It is especially applied to the head of amigurumis in the form of tiny ornaments. I will share free amigurumi patterns for you very soon. I hope you like crochet patterns.

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Anemone Flower Pin Crochet Pattern

Anemone, which means “daughter of the wind” in Greek, is a symbol of love and endless waiting. They also symbolize sincerity due to their delicate appearance and are sure to make a great gift for your loved ones.
This lace flower can be crocheted in any color and yarn weight of your choice and will make a lovely addition to a hat, headband, coat, purse, gift box or any other project What do you desire.


3.5 “(9 cm) in diameter

Lace weight (lace No. 0).
Omega Cotton Thread # 5 (100% Cotton; 164yd 150m / 1.76oz 50g): 1 ball of # 51 cream.

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Victorian Blush Snowflake Vintage Ornament/GiftTag Crochet Pattern

This delicate crochet pattern for “snowflakes” (which are really flowers) will add a touch of vintage charm to your tree or gifts during the holiday season. Turn them into ornaments or gift tags according to your needs.

This crochet pattern is available for free on my website or you can download it here as a print-optimized, ad-free PDF for your convenience.


Necessary material:
2.75mm steel hook for ornament
1.5 mm steel hook for tag
20-25 yards of Aunt Lydia’s # 10 crochet thread in white, or color of your choice, for adornment.
needle to weave the ends
Ornamental hooks (optional)

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Rampion Flower Pin Crochet Pattern

Such a fun technique for making flowers or anything you can think of … even if you don’t knit. Only minimal crochet skills are required!

Crafted in a graceful spiral and finished with contrast stitching, this elegant brooch mimics the flowers Rapunzel’s mother craved. Wear it in your hair or pin it to your dress … or create a bouquet of flowers, combine them and turn them into a scarf!


3.5 “(9 cm) in diameter

Combed weight (4 medium)
Pictured: Sheep (ish) from Caron (70% acrylic, 30% wool; 167 yd 153 m / 3 oz 85 g): 1 skein each of # 0021 lime (ish) (MC), # 0019 olive (ish) ( CC).
Option 2: Cascade Pacific (40% Superwash Merino Wool, 60% Acrylic; 195m / 3.5oz
100 g): 1 skein of each main color (MC), contrast color (CC).

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Tiny Puddle & Maddening Color Change Tutorial Crochet Pattern

My hope is that this introductory design, Tiny Puddle, will give you a taste of the other designs in the collection and showcase the stitch types and techniques used in the collection.

Included is the maddening tutorial on color change. This tutorial walks you through the technique I use to create the flower puddle patterns. There are many techniques available for color / yarn change, but I find this to be the cleanest, fastest and safest method for this type of project.

Of course, the color change tutorial is only offered as a help, you don’t need to use this method for Flower Puddles motifs.

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Basket-full of Poppies Headband Crochet Pattern

Additional Terms:
Chainless Initial Double Crochet: Pull on a loop as high as one but normal (you will have to approximate if this is your first round), place the index finger of your hook holding on top of the loop to keep it in place, this way the cycle doesn’t get bigger or smaller. Wrap the hook over and behind the eyelet, yo, pull the yarn behind the wrapped eyelet, yo again, and pull through the last 2 loops.

To evaluate:
for the band, 4 stitches in one inch

Finished headband, for adults 22 “, by 3.5” wide, with a lot of stretch, for kids, 20 “with a lot of stretch, by 3.5” wide, with a lot of stretch.
Flower: 3.5 inches in diameter

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Daffodil Crochet Pattern

For a little while I was worried I would have to do each big petal on these one at a time and the thought of weaving in all those ends stopped me from getting on with it. However, I have come up with a clever cheat and so you only have 4 little ends to deal with in this easy (I hope), pretty little Daffodil.

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Primrose Flower Crochet Pattern

Another day, another free crochet flower pattern as promised! This time I have prepared for you – Free Crochet Primrose Pattern. (Here you can find out more about the free crochet flower pattern a challenge of the day that I set for myself).

I have a large supply of yarn but couldn’t find anything appropriate at first, I tried 2 color combinations before finding the perfect yarn colors. Unfortunately I mostly use chunky yarn, so my crochet primrose flower turned out to be huge (about 9cm). I used chunky Robin yarn. For the central part I used the color Sunflower (075) and for the petals I used Cream (041). If you have a 2-ply yarn, I recommend using it if you want to make a smaller flower. I used a 4.5mm hook to get a tighter tension.

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Forget Me Not Flower Crochet Pattern

Today is the last 7th day of my one day free crochet flower pattern challenge. I have been working very hard all week to create all those free crochet floral patterns for you and I hope you will find them useful.

A little story about today’s crochet flower. The full name is Myosotis but we all know it by the common name “forget me not”, borrowed and translated from German and first used in English in 1398. Similar names and variants are found in many languages. Myosotis flowers have 5 petals each. The flowers come in blue, white, pink and yellow with yellow halves and are about 1cm or even smaller.

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Flower Scrubby Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

This Flower Scrubby crochet pattern was just the project to use my leftover yarn from the crochet of this double-sided tea towel set. But not only is this a great scrapbuster for your cotton and scrubby yarns, the pattern is quick and easy.

My favorite thing about using this flower scrubby is that you can use plain cotton petals for a gentle, non-abrasive wash or use the wash center for more difficult jobs.

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