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60+ Daily Useful and Cool Crochet Bag Pattern Ideas

I was always keen on custom design products, but this time it got me even more excited and I decided to share it with you. Determination of the model, the selection of colors, knitting, re-knitting, re-knitting photographed and I want to reveal the joy of the model I can not finish telling you. We named the series of knitted bags prepared in various colors and different lengths by Roxanne, inspired by only one song and I loved it.

One of the reasons that it was special for me was that it was completely handcrafted, it was a product that came out with a lot of labor and increased its value even more. Thanks to its vibrant colors, it can be easily combined with any outfit. It can be easily washed, easily carried by hand. Before he could share it with you, he would have to go inside me, just to make something ordinary, useless for the sake of making money. But now I can share with you peace of mind. I hope you like it.
The entire bag, including the handle, was made by hand knitting.
The bottom is prepared round so that it can stand upright when you put it somewhere. No bending or crushing.
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