58+ Amazing Amigurumi Crochet Pattern ideas for You!

I used frequently needle, chain pulling, raising and decreasing techniques.
You can start knitting from any part. I usually go head-to-head with other pieces.
You can use a different color yarn as a locator at the beginning of the line so that you don’t be surprised which row you are knitting.
Repetition numbers other than parentheses in the recipe indicate how many times we need to do the operation in parentheses. The numbers at the end of the row indicate the total number of frequent needles.
When knitting the pieces we need to do the filling process. For this, we need to do the filling without losing the rows that we can make filling easily while weaving the parts. When filling the pieces, we must push the fibers inwards and then push the fibers towards the edges of the piece with our fingers and form the pieces.
Let’s see how to get started before we start knitting Amigurumi. I start amigurumi by pulling two chains and filling in the second chain. In the first of the photos below, I showed the steps of chain drawing, and in the second, I showed how to put fill and bookmark inside the chain.

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