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Plush bunny big floppy ears amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Friends, I am with you with a beautiful amigurumi rabbit. How are you today? I was actually really tired today, didn’t think about entering content, but after finding this amigurumi template, everything changed. One of the most beautiful amigurumi I’ve seen lately.
I know I have shared too many amigurumi rabbit patterns. But there are some really beautiful models. This amigurumi pattern is one of them. Many thanks to @plus_toys_poly who prepared this template. I suggest you follow the Instagram page.
She has very valuable shares. So what’s in this rabbit pattern? For me, the most important criterion is for it to be plush. I really like plush amigurumis. I also liked the fact that he had big ears. The eared rabbit is very remarkable.
45 cm tall with ears. Once completed, you can knit the dress if you like. I have given several models in this way as an example for you. I hope you will like it.
I would be very happy if you share your pictures with me after the amigurumi is completed. May it be easy for all of you.

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Princess Cindrella amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Friends, today I will share a very beautiful Cinderella amigurumi doll without a pattern. Very nice free pattern. Such examples are really hard to find. Many thanks.
Friends, lately I have been thinking to increase the share of dolls. Girls love these dolls very much. Going down to the details, this is an exquisitely crafted doll.
Be very careful when designing, as the doll is a rather small amigurumi. You cannot capture the same image with the slightest mistake. Especially the details of her dress are very realistic.
I liked the parting too. The friend who created the design even added a stripped necklace. I think this is definitely a pretty model. I will be very happy if you share with me amigurumi after its completion.


Yarn and hook
Safety eyes 6 mm
Hair scrunchy beads

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Ninja Turtle amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. Today I am doing the first one on my blog. I share an excellent pattern of amigurumi in the shape of a turtle. First of all, I want to thank @ksanna_toys_hm who prepared this design. In fact, the turtle was once very popular. Especially thanks to the ninja turtles. But this is no longer the same as before.
This blindfold turtle is familiar to fans of ninja turtle comics and cartoons. Oksana Sonnova shared a description of knitting amigurumi ninja turtles. To create the character of the children’s cartoon about Michelangelo’s turtle, the author used hook number 2.5 and acrylic yarn.
You can connect all four friends of the turtles at once: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael with blue, purple, orange and red bandages. You can make a keychain from a toy and decorate it with a backpack or a car. The size of the finished product is about 13 cm in height.

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Deer Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Friends, today I will share with you a great deer amigurumi pattern with the size of 40cm. It’s completely free. Thank you very much to @nina_sukhina who shared this free deer amigurumi pattern. You can follow him on Instagram. If we come to the details about Amigurumi.
It is very difficult to find such amigurumi pattern for free. Especially deer models. Characters that are highly ingenious and creative. It is very troublesome to design. Since it takes a lot of time, designers often put it on sale. So thank you very much to @nina_sukhina for sharing this beautiful pattern.
Coming to the Amigurumi pattern, it is a very complex model. A pattern that I do not recommend to beginners. It is prepared with very fine details and is quite large. You complete it by knitting all but the eyes. Even the details on the horns can take days for a novice.
If you get bored very quickly, I do not recommend this recipe very much. You can find the easier patterns on this website. If we come to the deer’s clothing, you can try different colors. I recommend using a same quality thread as the thread. May it be easy for you.

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Amigurumi dog Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. Today I am with you with a wonderful dog amigurumi pattern. Dogs are known to be one of the most loyal animals. Quite life-friendly animals. They won’t hurt you if you don’t. I can’t share because I can’t find many dogs with an amigurumi pattern.
I apologize. I try to research as much as possible. Designer @mopsik_toys used a pretty cute thread. The yarn is prepared from Alize Cotton Gold threads. It is now very easy to shop online, so you can get it easily. You can buy it from sites like Amazon, etsy.
Large companies already have their own points of sale, and they are sent to many countries. To complete the amigurumi you will need a 2mm hook. For eyes, you can use 10mm beads. If you pay attention to the fact that it is the same color as the rope, it will look prettier.
Also, even if it may seem small, this is not a small model, friends. Once completed, it will be 20-25 cm in size. Thanks again to @ mopsik_toys who created the amigurumi. You can follow him on Instagram.

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Cute amigurumi doll Crochet Pattern

Hi everybody. I think this will be the first time today. For the first time I will share a doll with a free amigurumi pattern. Actually, I don’t want to share dolls. Because it is very difficult to do it. You can cool off thanks to the details that look like a girl.
Knitting is really difficult. If you do it casually, it still won’t look good. Thanks to @smila_toys who prepared the example. She made a very cute doll. For newbies, it’s pretty nice that there isn’t a lot of detail on the face. I would definitely recommend this example for beginners.
If you are going to design a doll, start with a doll like this. In fact, even if a man presents it to his girlfriend, it can be good behavior. However, men know little about the amygdala. ? These dolls will be a good gift for a girl.

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floppy ears bunny amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hi everybody. Today I am going to share with you a very beautiful plush rabbit amigurumi pattern. I hope you will like it. Amigurumi rabbits have become very popular lately. We all know kids love it.
@ Shegera13 from plush yarn amigurumi. Many thanks. Some kids like eared rabbit models. I will continue to share many varieties for you on my blog.
You can find the details of the pattern in the pdf file.
The toy is crocheted, and the ears are crocheted in half.
For work, you need a hook and yarn from Himalaya Dolphin Baby or YarnArt Dolce. The consumption of yarn is one and a half skeins, taking into account the use of two colors. The eyes are securely fastened, the handles are tied, the legs can move thanks to the use of plastic toy hinges.

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Reindeer amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Friends, I know Christmas hasn’t come yet. However, let’s already share the amigurumi patterns about Christmas. This is not so easy to do. Anyone who does this for a hobby can complete it in just 15 days.
First of all, this year I am thinking of sharing a lot of Christmas content. I will share them when I have the opportunity. The first is a large deer. First, Irina Belousova, who cooked this amigurumi. She is a Russian friend. The last time I looked, the Instagram profile was closed.
However, a new one will open. She has large shares. I suggest you follow her. If we go to the amigurumi deer, very detailed model friends. I’m sure you will love this. The designer even thought about pants hangers :).
I also really liked the look on my face. Looks quite natural. It is very difficult to create such expressions in amigurumi. I will share the yarn and necessary materials with you in the pdf section of the topic. You can save it from your computer or phone.

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