Cute and Awesome Crochet Amigurumi Doll Pattern Ideas

Rainbow bunny amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Friends, good afternoon everyone. Want a rainbow colored amigurumi? You have come to the right address. First of all, many thanks to designer @shema_toys.
Today I will share with you a brand new amigurumi rabbit pattern. This very nice bracelet is made in different colors. Although the rope has a solid structure, it is a very large and cute amigurumi.
I say “big” because at the end of 30 it will be 32 cm in size. I think this is a rather large doll. So it might take a little longer. Because you will need to use a lot of colors and threads.
Beads are applied to the eyes. The details of the mouth, nose and eyebrows are very simple. Since this is already a very large amigurumi, it will take a long time to build. So I think the designer friend avoided those details.
If we are approaching a color event, it is important that the colors match the rainbow, even if the color tones are not important. It would be a little weird if irrelevant colors were placed side by side.
Maybe your child likes it. This is entirely your decision. Gazzal Baby Cotton yarn was used to tie the rope. Many thanks to Kristina Nekrasova who made the design.

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Sweet giraffe amigurumi Crochet Pattern

First of all, I want to thank Yulia Kravchenko, who developed this amigurumi. In this article I will share a pattern of a beautiful amigurumi giraffe. When you see the picture, I seem to hear why you say the neck is not as long as that of a giraffe.
It will not work to make a long neck, since friends prepared such toys with a rope. Instead of making the neck long, when she worked out the details, a pretty cute detail came in.
Ears, nose, horns and a flower on the head. It was a cute amigurumi. When choosing colors, I recommend using yellow and giraffe shades on the body. If you are going to use different colors, I recommend thinking about harmony.
If the color doesn’t match the pretty, amigurums don’t look good. I also liked the outfit he was wearing. I hope you enjoyed it too. Perfect Yarnart yarn was used for its manufacture. Hooks 2.5 mm are also used.
I love this cheerleader. I would be very happy if friends who did share their photos with us.

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Lovely unicorn amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. Today I will share with you a very cute unicorn pattern. I’m sure you will like it. Many thanks to @ albina_toys before diving into the details. She’s a really good designer.
You can follow your Instagram profile. First of all, I want to say that this is a very preferred model. The designer has already provided patterns in many colors. While white predominates on the feet and nose, you can make changes to other colors.
Bright colors will make your character look more beautiful. She’s a pretty chubby character. Chubby makes the character even cuter. Details are more oval. Beads, as always, adorned her eyes. Those who do not want to use beads can make eyes.
I do not recommend it. Because we are all used to beads. Another design is ugly. Let’s move on to the pattern.

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Cute cats amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Today I will show you two gorgeous amigurumi patterns. I hope you will like it.
The first one is a very cute cat. First of all, many thanks to Yulia Rassokhina. She is a very good amigurumi designer. They have a beautiful pattern. I suggest you follow her blog.
If we talk about exemplary amigurumi, then this is a very cute model. It was cooked using a very soft rope. The threads already used are the same. Used rope brand Himalaya delphin or yarn. You can use whatever you want.
You may be concerned about its size. When completed, it reaches 14 cm in height. When making it, use 4 mm hooks. The choice of color is entirely up to you. You can use any color you like. This example uses gray and white.
quite compatible. Instead of a rope for the nose and eyes, a different material was used. Hope you can do it easily. Have a nice day.

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Amigurumi cow Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. Today I will share with you the second and final pattern. I actually do research for you during the day, but I cannot prepare articles every day. Excuse me.
Our second amigurumi today is a cow. Don’t be fooled that he looks small. This is a very complex model. It has very small details. I think that making especially the face and body part is quite difficult.
Like the amigurumi, the cow is not the preferred model. I know it. However, it is very helpful for your child to get to know different animals. In this way, your child’s love for nature will increase. It can also cheer up children who don’t drink milk.
Many different colors can be used in this almond. Vitchuk_vv creating amigurumi. You can access your Instagram profile from this link. He loves to make very detailed and small amigurums.
In terms of colors, I would like to try white as my main color. If you make such an amigurumi, please share it with me.

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Awesome bear amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hi everybody. Welcome to my blog. Today I will continue to share with you new amigurumi patterns. Today’s theme is a cute teddy bear pattern. I love amigurumi bears just like you.
Many different models may appear depending on your abilities. The creator of one of these designs is Elena Detkova. Many thanks. You can access your insragram profile at
She loves to do this kind of work. He uses very different ropes and pays attention to detail. How detailed it is, you can already see in the picture of the amigurumi.
In fact, I really don’t like such topics. I find it dangerous, especially for children under 1 year old. Your child may swallow hair when they put it in their mouth. I suggest you be careful with this.
It is recommended to use angora ram from Yarnart, which should be used when knitting amigurumi. Hooks of 1.5 mm are used depending on the structure of the yarn. As I said at the beginning, the structure of the yarn is completely different.

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Unicorn amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. Today we continue our series of publications. There is a very cute unicorn pattern today. Colorful as a rainbow. Maybe it will.
As we all know, the unicorn is a mythological unicorn. You can often find fairy tales and mythological tales. I have a lot of Unicorn cartoons. I think the most popular one is my little pony.
It is published in almost all languages. There are many colorful characters here, and the kids love it. This is why their amigurumi are very popular. In the amigurumi pattern that we will look at today, you will see a very beautiful character made from stiff yarn.
Her beautiful hair is dyed in rainbow colors. I would not recommend adding different colors. Using different colors is bad because it is familiar to the eye. And he has a very cute horn.

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Fox amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. Welcome everyone. Today I will share with you some wonderful amigurumi patterns on this great blog. The first is a very cute fox pattern. As you know, the fox is a very cunning animal. It is also one of the most successful animals in natural life.
Stories are always told this way. We very often meet with him in children’s fairy tales. For this reason, our children are very familiar with the fox. It is also common in cartoons and other mediums. So knitting an amigurumi chanterelle is a logical idea.
I don’t know if you knit for your child. However, I can say that overall this is a very preferable model. Of course, the most preferred patterns are patterns such as teddy bear and rabbit. In any case, do what your child wants :).
Now let’s move on to the amigurumi pattern that we saw in the picture. Pretty cute model. Made using black and white and orange threads. We can say that the protruding part of the nose adds realism.

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Kitten amigurumi Crochet Pattern

You can find the pattern in the rest of the article. I am writing this article only to provide preliminary information and describe my feelings in myself. You can download the sample directly if you want.
If we move on to amigurumi now. You will see amigurumi cooked in different colors. I like the color orange. Vivid colors look really beautiful in amigurumi.
The thread used was “Troitskaya Krokha” yarn (20% wool, 80% acrylic, 50 g / 135 m). You can use different threads. It is, of course, impossible to find every rope. Beads can be used for the eyes.
It is quite difficult to tie the eyes by hand. Good selection of beads. In addition, a 2 mm wide hook was used. I think it’s the yarn.

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Cute amigurumi mini pig Crochet Pattern

If you want to make a little pork amigurumi, you’ve come to the right place. I will have a great offer for you. First of all, I want to thank Ekaterina Nikolaeva, who made the design. She created really beautiful amigurumi. I suggest you explore these amigurumi swatches created using vibrant colors.
I really liked the details in this piggy bank. Even the folds in the ears look so great. This is a really long study and example of experience. As you can see, the small decorations were done in different colors. You can decorate with miniature bow ties. Or you can use a button on the body.
This can make the difference. The eyes are made of buttons, while the amigurumi is made of eyebrows and lace. In fact, while it sounds simple, I found it very realistic. A very cartoonish movie adds atmosphere. I especially liked his nose.
The different color on the nose made the design look very realistic. Don’t worry about the bump in your nose. I will share this with you in a pattern. This soft amigurumi uses Himalaya Dolphin Baby rope. As you know, this is already a very popular yarn brand.

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