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Sleeping sheep amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. Welcome to my blog. Today I have shared two free amigurumi patterns for you. Both of my patterns are very cute sheep today. I have been writing this blog for 14 days and have yet to share a single drawing of amigurumi sheep.
In fact, there is a bit of hopelessness about whether to leave a blog in me. It has been 14 days since I started writing, and so far no one has visited me :). Of course this is a joke. I think I’ll contact you when I continue writing.
In any case, I stop being selfish. As you can see in the pictures, today I am sharing the second free amigurumi pattern. Pretty cute model. Designed by Olga Lukoshkina. Many thanks. Because she shares such a beautiful pattern for free.
Finding such messages is really difficult. I’m trying to arrange everything I can for you. By the way, most of the patterns are in Russian. I translate them using google translate. I would be very glad if you did not look at my guilt in this regard.
If we move on to amigurumi now, it really looks a lot like the first amigurumi I shared. But they are both bigger and thicker :). I hope you all like them.
I would be glad if you share it with me after my friends finish the amigurumi.

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Lovely sheep amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. Welcome to my blog. In today’s article, I will share with you two free amigurumi patterns. Lyudmila Orlova is the creator of the first. Thank you very much, she is a very talented designer.
Under this topic I will share his profile on and instagram. She creates quality and gorgeous amigurumi. I suggest you follow her. I think this model of sheep amigurumi is my first share of amigurumi sheep. So I’m a little excited and I have nothing to write.
It actually looks like a simple model. But it looks pretty cute due to the quality of the thread used and the harmony of the pattern. Making amigurumi is similar to painting. Small touches cause huge changes.
This can be in a good or bad direction. It’s all about your artistic spirit. Therefore, when performing these amigurumi, do not forget to make small touches that express your own feelings.
It will enhance your design spirit. If you can knit amigurumi, you are a talented person. If you approach the amigurumi now, like real sheep, the body and head are tied with soft yarn. It turned out to be a very cute image.

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Big dog amigurumi Crochet Pattern

I’m here today to share my second free amigurumi drawing with you. First of all, welcome to my blog, friends. How are you today? I will share the amigurumi model that you don’t like today. However, this model is very different from dips.
Moreover, with his appearance, he is really one step ahead. It looks pretty stylish when finished. Of course, the quality of the rope is also important here. As you can see in the picture, today I will share with you an amigurumi dog model. I hope you enjoyed the drawing and downloaded the sample.
Dogs are a family of many different species. They can be very scary, they are very cute. Of course we love cute dogs :). In fact, all dogs are beautiful. It’s about who raised these dogs. The room will be how you raise your dog.
Families with children tend to prefer more obedient dogs. I recommend tying this wonderful cheerleader to families who do not have dogs at home :). When ready, the size will be about 30 cm. A fairly large amigurumi.
I especially liked the fact that he had a sleeping cap. Of course, the eyes are in sleep mode. Buddha makes the character pretty cute. I think his character is quite realistic.

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Little and cute bear amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. How are you today. If you ask me, I am very pleased. Today we had a good day with my daughter, and in the evening I was looking for some amigurumi pattern for you and came across a few examples. I wanted to share this with you.
The first is a tiny model of an amigurumi teddy bear. Very cute but rather small model. Actually, I am in favor of the big bear figures. Bear characters are pretty big in all movies and videos.
This is why we keep an eye out for big bears. In children, he can hug more easily. These small toys are usually intended for older children. This happens to those who use it as a keychain. But usually children use it.
You can even hang it in your bag as a decoration. He’ll be happier on the way to school. This cute amigurumi will accompany your child every day.
Now I want to share the details of the amigurumi without expanding on the promises. You can find a free example of amigurumi at the end of the topic.

The amigurumi bears in the photo are tied with different columns: a checkmark, a cross and back loops. Below you will find the author’s description of knitting an amigurumi bear from Katerina Gushchina (@katerina_gushchina_). To make a teddy bear, the author uses Alize Bella yarn and a 1.5 mm crochet hook. The size of the finished toy is 7-8 cm.

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Lovely raccoon amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Yes! I’m with you again today. How are you guys. Are you feeling well? Today I will share with you unusual amigurumi patterns. You are ready?
Our first pattern today is a great raccoon amigurumi. Difficult to knit with friends :). Do you agree with me. But it’s all about timing. You can be sure that you will be rewarded for your work.
It may take 3-5 days, but you will end up with a very cute raccoon amigurumi. Using different animal figurines will broaden your horizons. Each figurine you make will help you develop your skills.
I recommend knitting different models of amigurumi. A strong rope is used to make raccoon amigurumi. I do not recommend knitting with a soft thread. Even if you find it, I recommend buying the same rope.
Also be very careful when knitting. Honesty can be lost at the slightest mistake. Also, when you complete the amigurumi, it will be about 17cm in size.

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amigurumi lion Crochet Pattern

Hello. Welcome to my blog. Have you photographed on this topic? I really liked it when I saw the picture.
I’m sure this theme will be specifically for Pinterest users. Because this is an amigurumi lion pattern that looks really great. I have seen many amigurumi lions before. However, it may be one of the best models I’ve seen.
Don’t say lion, friends. This amigurumi lion is really cute. I don’t know if there are different templates, but if you share them with me after I do, I will post them too. When you finish the amigurumi, he will be 18 cm.
This is a small model. This is why it looks so cute. A great toy for babies. Babies love bright colors. In fact, this type of amigurumi can be more beautiful if a sound sensor is installed inside.
Wouldn’t it be nice to speak amigurumi? I am confident that this type of support will continue in the future. By the way, thanks to @ksu_toys who created the amigurumi.

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Amigurumi pig Crochet Pattern

Welcome to my friends blog. I said I would share with you two free amigurumi patterns. Let’s move on to the second template. Our second pattern contains a very cute pig model.
I know your child loves pigs. She especially loves girls. For this reason, pink is usually preferred. You can use many shades of pink.
While light pinks look prettier, brushing them is a big problem. As you know, children love to pollute the environment. On some stains and on some threads, it remains resistant. Especially the chocolate stain.
It is quite difficult to remove greasy chocolate stains from soft threads. Even though it has been cleaned after washing, its unique color fades and marks remain. I recommend choosing darker colors.
We will continue to share Piggy’s models on our blog. If you like these models, share them with us in the comments.

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bunny amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. I know that in recent days I have been sharing a lot of amigurumi bunnies. I do not deal with this content either. I share a post from very professional designers.
Recently, designers have begun to frequently share free amigurumi rabbit. The main reason for this is the interest in patterns in the form of amigurumi rabbits. As you know, the rabbit is a very cute animal.
Her children are well acquainted with both cartoons and nature. Buddha intensifies his love for the rabbit. Think about it, Bugs Bunny is a 60-year-old cartoon. and is still being watched.
Many of our children love to watch. There are many cartoons and such characters. These animals are also very useful for our child to love some kind of food. For example, there are carrots.
Now if we go to the almond-shaped edge without expanding on the promise, you get a pretty big baby. When finished, it will be 28 cm. The almond nut is made from soft rope. You can find details in the examples section.

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New cat plush amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. Are you looking for a very cute plush cat? You have come to the right address.
Today I will share with you the second amigurumi pattern. This pattern is a pretty cute kitten. I know they don’t really look like cats and look like cartoon characters.
But kids love it :). My child is still very much afraid of real cats. When I try to get used to it, when he sees a cat, he cries and runs away. Unfortunately, instilling love for animals in children is not the same as in fairy tales.
You are going through a long and difficult process. Such toys are very useful for teaching children to love animals. Therefore, it is very helpful that the amigurumi is a very cute character.
If we come to the amigurumi in the picture, this is a pretty cute model in pink. Beads were used for the eyes. A rope was used for his mustache. In addition, a rope was inserted into his nose.
I liked the bow tie in your hair. I suggest adding something like this. I would also like to thank “zeze_worlds” who prepared the amigurumi.

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Lovely plush bunny amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. Welcome to my blog. Today I will share two patterns of amigurumi. The first is a very cute and soft plush bunny. I know you like rabbit models. She really likes my child.
Amigurumi bunnies have become a joy at home. The biggest reason for this is because you have collected this 30cm amigurumi. It is actually quite large for an amigurumi. “Dolphin baby” is used as a yarn, it looks quite stylish.
I definitely think the yarn should be of good quality. If you don’t use a good rope, amigurumi looks bad. When you wash for cleaning, it immediately fades or distorts.
In this respect, the filling material placed in it is also important. If you are selling your cheerleaders, use as many quality products as possible. This will increase your buying potential.
Many thanks to Julia Deynega who prepared this example. He shared this on his blog. To follow the link on Instagram: Although he usually posts in Russian, he pays attention to creating content in English.

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