Crochet bag

55+ Crochet Bag Pattern Design Ideas for This Summer

The bag is one of the indispensable accessories of women. It complements the clothing visually and is the assistant of the ladies functionally. Bags that can be in various colors and models can come up with different ornaments and details. Bags made of fabric, leather, straw, knitted or plastic materials are among the products that are always used.

Knitted bags, which were especially fashionable in the 70s, still exist today. Even though they have been more modernized, model and ornament added, they still maintain their nostalgic mood. Crochet, macrame or spit models with different colors of the bag appeal to all tastes.
As you can get ready, you can easily make yourself at home with suitable materials. You can decorate your bags with tassel, beads or even applique patterns which are the most popular accessory of the last period. Colorful ribbons, sequins, tulle can also be used to decorate your bags. In addition to flowers and animal motifs, you can also embroider heroes you love, especially in bags that children will love.

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