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53+ Sleek and Glamour Crochet Cardigan Pattern Ideas

We think that knit cardigan models are from our grandmothers and grandmothers. In this case we have a long-standing history of knit cardigan samples. The first knitted cardigan samples were invented in the 17th century. Before him, knitting hand work was found in Egypt in the 11th century after AD. The example of knitting in Egypt is a pair of cotton socks.

Although knitting samples were found in India, knitted dolls were also found in these samples. For this reason, the first release date of the weave is not known clearly. However, in terms of knit cardigan models, both men’s cardigans, baby cardigans and women’s knit cardigans were found in the 1600s. Knitted products have reached Europe through North Africa.

The European people developed the knitting even further and markets were established for the upper class and handmade knitting became the fashion culture of the rich in the Middle Ages. The formation of knitting techniques was realized by the development of silk weaving of the summer knitting industry, the development of this kind of knitting among the people in Europe, and the development of knitting technique with 2 color patterns in the north of England. Two color patterned technique entered the popularity and became the fashion of the 1920s. Knitting elements were created in France. USA is the name of the most ancient periods are also frequently used French lace.

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