Best Crochet Amigurumi Design Ideas for This Year

Cow amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. Today I am with you with a very beautiful drawing of a cow. How are you today? I hope you’re okay. Today I will share for you a very cute amigurumi pattern that is quite simple to make. First of all, I would like to thank lucy_rose_toys for this bvu design.
I am sharing this free amigurumi pattern that is quite easy to make friends with. It will be a very educational model for beginners. My advice to beginners is to knit amigurumi like this. The amigurumi cow pattern is for you.
First of all, you can try amigurumi with different threads and colors. There is a fairly rich option. Although the nose seems a little messy, it is not. Made of beads for the eyes. So no extra effort is required. Arms and legs are added to the body part later.
Of course, if you want to improve the design, that’s your opinion. You can develop the design according to your abilities however you want. Different colors can be made. For example, an amigurumi rainbow cow is not bad. However, since the amigurumi are quite small, I don’t recommend going into details.

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Cute unicorn amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Friends, first of all hello to everyone. Today I will share for you a very cute free amigurumi pattern. I continue to share content every day as much as possible. Don’t forget to follow me on social media.
Now our today’s amigurumi is a great free unicorn amigurumi sample. We know that children are very fond of amigurumi. And if it’s a unicorn, they love it even more. As you know, the unicorn is a very popular and very popular animal among children.
Since it is mythological, it is included in quite a few films. My little pony, I remember. If you remember the cartoon, imagine how bright the colors are. The colors of the rainbow are commonly used.
It will be much more useful if you work in this way while performing amigurumi. Now let’s move on to the details about the amigurumi.

The author of the master class is Natalia Orlova (instagram: @plush_toys___)
Master class – author’s! Publication and distribution (partial and complete)
forbidden !!! (Art. 146 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.) When you publish your work on this on social networks

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Little amigurumi teddy bear Crochet Pattern

Guys, today I will share with you a great teddy bear amigurumi pattern. I just shared the unicorn, if you’re interested, you can take a look at it in the categories section. There are also many templates in our blog.
You can find these patterns on other pages and download the amigurumi patterns you like. In addition, we try to make translations as convenient and useful for you as possible. Amigurumi is really popular in Russia
There is a lot of Russian-language content and we try to translate it as accurately as possible. If we have a mistake, don’t apologize. If we move on to the amigurumi now, it’s a pretty cute model. When you complete it, it will be a little small.
But being small will save you time. It takes a long time to knit large amigurumi, so I recommend small amigurumi for beginners. When knitting amigurumi, they do not get bored.

Now let’s get down to the details.

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Plush bear amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Welcome friends. Today I will share with you a great teddy bear amigurumi pattern created by @kseniya_igrushki. Thanks so much for distributing this design free of charge.
I know I haven’t been sharing teddy bear models lately. Today I told the difference and shared the teddy bear model. Keep in mind that kids love teddy bears. If you are considering gifting an amigurumi, a teddy bear might be the right one for you.
I also recommend using a soft rope when knitting the pattern. You need to use a different rope in the mouth and nose structure. For the eyes, use the beads as usual. In fact, it can be linked. However, as the eye detail increases, the character degrades. I am not suggesting.

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Cute amigurumi bunny Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. How are you today? I’m pretty good if you ask me. Actually today I wanted to share another pattern. But I really liked this amigurumi bunny model. Many thanks to @wasilenatoys who created this amigurumi.
She shared it completely free. I suggest you follow the Instagram page. They have a very nice design. If we come to these amigurumi, they are pretty small models. Maybe you can use it in your keychain. In fact, in recent years, the number of amigurumi keychains has increased significantly.
Perhaps you can use a darker color and create your own key ring. If you are going to knit for a child, I recommend using light colors. Especially pink. Wonderful color. The design of the amigurumi is pretty simple.
Making the mouth, nose, eyes and eyebrows is very simple. After finishing, the parts can be easily assembled. Yarn “Pekhorka Children’s Novelty” (100% acrylic, 50 g / 200 m) is recommended in the form of a thread. When finished, the size will be 11 cm. Hopefully you will complete it in a short time.

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New Raccoon amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Friends, hello everyone. How are you today. My pleasure is very good. Because I found two great amigurumi drawings for you. It’s free.
Moving on to our topic now, the first amigurumi is a very cute raccoon model. When I first saw the amigurumi, I didn’t think it could be done manually. It was a great model. Thanks a lot @ zihandmade.
I suggest you follow her. She shares very well. Firstly, raccoons are not animals that can be found on the street. Many of us know this from documentaries or cartoons. Since children watch little documentaries, they usually learn about it from cartoons.
In the cartoon, this was the main character. But I don’t remember yet. If we continue with our theme, different colors and threads are used. I know it looks tedious and difficult, but I recommend that you give it a try. When you complete it, you get a great 25 cm amigurumi.
You don’t have to use the same chain, but I recommend using the chains described in the example. When you use a different rope, it doesn’t look like the completed amigurumi example. I suggest you pay attention to this issue.

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Awesome bunny amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. When we say amigurumi rabbit, I think now we can think of you. We have shared quite a few free rabbit patterns :). Today I am here again with the rabbit.
In fact, this will be the second rabbit. The first was something of a model. In fact, if you look at the size, it is 2cm smaller than the amigurumi. However, due to the different body structure, it looks very small, albeit long.
These rabbits are a little chubby. I think older children like them. Don’t forget to make different dresses after doing amigurumi. Let your child wear these amigurumi.
He will have a different game goal. My advice is to use materials in the pattern. Let it be easy for everyone.

Plush bunnies are crocheted of Alize Softy yarn. See the scheme of knitting an amigurumi hare from Yulia Kravchenko. From the description of the diagram, you will also learn how to knit a jumpsuit for a toy decorated with fluffy buboes. For one bunny, you will need one skein of yarn in the primary color. The height of the finished knitted hare is about 19 cm without ears.

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Little sweet bunny amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hi everybody. Welcome to my blog. Today I will share two very cute free amigurumi sewing patterns.
The first one is a cute bunny 17cm long. Has a fairly simple model. Many thanks to @ yulya_barinova who prepared this amigurumi pattern. She really prepared an example that everyone can do. Finding such examples is a bit tricky.
Sometimes I remind my friends, I want to write again. The yarn you use to make your amigurumi is really important. If you do not use high-quality threads, amigurumi will be ugly, and the color will fade very quickly. When you wash it, when it gets dirty, it collapses completely.
This is never the same as before. Use good thread for longer use. If you come to Amigurumiye, you can find details in the samples section. I would be glad if comrade-friends share with me a picture of amigurumi.
Wonderful baby Amigurumi – a bunny in a sundress from Yulia Barinova. To make a rabbit, the author used a 2.0 mm crochet hook and YarnArt Jeans yarn. You will also need black eye beads, a plastic nose, and filler. The sundress cannot be removed: the skirt is tied to the body, and the yoke to the skirt. The height of the finished toy is about 17 cm.

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Koala amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello, friends. First of all, welcome to my blog. Today I will share with you a very beautiful drawing of an amigurumi without a koala. As you know, Koala is a very cute animal that lives in Australia. He is very slow and loves to cuddle.
This animal is famous for its free sleep all day. In fact, it is not preferred as an amigurumi. The main reason for this is that it is a little known animal. As a natural habitat, it can only live on the Australian continent. Although I’m not very good at this subject, I think it is about evolution.
Just like kangaroos, they appeared here millions of years ago. In any case, let’s leave scientific questions to us, scientists :). Let’s continue talking about amigurumi. Yes, friends, knitting amigurumi is very difficult. But when you are done, you will have a very beautiful amigurumi.

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Amigurumi teddy bear Crochet Pattern

First of all, welcome to my blog. I continue to share beautiful free amigurumi patterns. First of all, I would like to thank Daria Baish for sharing today. You can reach her at “@dariya_baysh” on Instagram. She is a very talented designer.
The amigurumi she makes are very cute and he also likes to use soft yarns. If you have such a disposition, I suggest you follow it. They may have big stocks that have escaped our attention.
We’ve talked about bears many times. Bears are a very familiar animal. This is one of the first animals he knows, especially after our children began to recognize animals. Especially in TV programs or videos, we can see a lot of cute bears.
Despite the fact that television is not watched very often now, there are many videos on YouTube. As a child, I had a yogi bear. I really liked it. Of course, the characters are not so simple anymore. Characters are created that are much more realistic, realistic and capture the imagination of children. If we move on to the amigurumi, it is made from a very cute soft yarn.

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